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Decorating Your Loft Conversion on a Budget

Have just had a loft conversion done in my London home, I thought you might like to know how I managed to decorate it on a budget. Here are my tips.

Decorating a house, whether it’s a new house starting from scratch or just time to redecorate for Spring, can be fun and exciting. A person’s home reflects who they are but decorating can leave a person overwhelmed and short on cash. Luckily there are ways to spruce up a home doing small, inexpensive things.


Paint, supplies and decorations can cost into the thousands if people don’t know how to cut expensive corners! Most people don’t want or have that kind of money to spend on decorating but still want to put their own stamp on their home.

First and foremost, the most important element is paint. Putting color on the walls can do wonders for a room. It can be a relaxing tan or sage for a bedroom or a bold red, burnt orange or blue for an office. Color gives a room instant pizzazz and personality and it’s generally the first thing guests notice. Even if nothing else is done in a room, color is a necessity.


Many people don’t have the funds to buy new furniture especially every time they feel like changing a room's theme. If you can't afford one of these low-priced beds, sofa covers are the key to “new” furniture for a new house or just to jazz up what is already there for a quick, inexpensive change. The covers come in all different colors, sizes, fabrics, and shapes and instantly give furniture a new lease on life. Buying a plaid sofa cover can give a living room an instant country cottage theme or red can give a funky, alternative vibe.

Window Coverings

Window coverings are a small part of decorating but can make a huge impact. Dozens of styles, colors and lengths are easy to find or also easy to make for people who are handy with a sewing machine. Curtains or other window coverings give an otherwise bare room a warm, comfortable feel. A room can still appear bare with color on the walls and curtains can diminish that feeling. Sheer, colored curtains will give a room a light and airy feel while patterned curtains can mix up the appearance of all solid colors.

Final Touches

Last but not least are the final touches like throw pillows, wall hangings and bed spreads. Wall hangings can be anything from framed pictures or clocks to sconces or shelves. Bedspreads and pillows can bring a whole room together and add the last layer of personal touch. If a room is a bright color maybe make pillows or the bed spread an understated color or vice versa.

Bed-in-a-bag is a great inexpensive way to make a bed look put together. These sets come with a bedspread, a top/flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and pillow cases. It's a sure fire way to give a room that "put together look" along with some personality.

Tan Bedroom Paint Ideas

Tan bedroom paint themes lead to stylish, flexible, and mature bedroom designs. When you’ve painted a bedroom with a tan colored theme, you are virtually unlimited as to what you use for accent colors. There are many different approaches you can take in tackling a tan bedroom paint theme, here are just a few of them to consider.

Try a multicolor bedroom paint theme.
Multicolor paint ideas work extremely well with tan bedroom paint hues. The best results with multicolored bedroom paint ideas are executed after a careful examining of where the natural light hits the walls. 

Here’s how to use a tan bedroom paint idea with multiple colors; watch to see which walls (1-2 of them) gets the most natural light throughout the day. These are the bedroom walls that you want to use the darkest tan bedroom paint color on. So if you are painting a bedroom with mocha and tan, paint the mocha on the wall that receives the most light. This way, your dark bedroom paint colors don’t end up looking dreary.

Aim for contrast.
This goes for the multiple paint color theme as well; when using tan bedroom paint colors, the effect is beautiful when you can create a bit of a contrast. So if you’re painting bedroom walls tan, consider painting the radiators a dark brown or black, to give the room a fabulous contrast. Rememeber you cannot use normal paint, special black radiator paint!

Beautify your tan bedroom paint job by adding white molding.
White molding makes virtually any paint color look amazing; I swear that you could nearly get away with a combination of polka dots, leopard print and stripes, so long as there was a white molding around the room! The point is, white molding looks fantastic on tan paint; especially in airy, open bedroom layouts.

Get brave and go for dark mocha tan paint colors for the bedroom.
Tan has a fantastic paint cousin; a deeper, darker, more intense mocha brown. It looks great in contrast with tan painted walls or it can make a strong statement flying solo on a single wall. Brown paint can make for easy, androgynous decorating when it comes to making both sides of a couple happy with bedroom paint ideas.

Tan bedroom paint themes allow for you to get creative in other decorative touches. Accent touches of nearly any color look great, and they are easy to do, easy to manipulate as you please. Add some brightly colored throw pillows, curtains, and a vibrant comforter and you’ll be adding the final touches on your tan bedroom.

Best Tips On How to Be Green When Painting

There are paint products available that are environmentally friendly. These green paint products are in early stages of development, but are improving quickly regarding their performance and durability.

Painting with environmentally friendly green paint is essentially the same as painting with conventional paint. You will not need any special tools.


For commercial painting applications, most new buildings are now required by LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) regulations to use paint that is within certain specification parameters. The main focus is on VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) levels and they can usually be satisfied with latex paints. Regulations are constantly tightening for new buildings and sustainability is always considered.

Existing buildings can also participate and owners can earn tax credits for their efforts to make their buildings green.

For residential painting, there is little regulation and environmental consideration relating to paint is generally accomplished by regulating the paint manufacturers and retailers. Each year the acceptable VOC levels are reduced, which is resulting in more R & D by the paint manufacturers for green paint products.

Environmentally responsible, green paint does not yet perform or last the way conventional paint does, but it is improving. Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and most of the other big manufacturers have green paint offerings, which perform fairly well. It becomes a question of what is more important for you personally.

There are also smaller paint manufacturers that are developing green paint products, some of which are very creative. Green Planet Paints is one such company and their product offering achieves a new level of sustainability by using plant resin and mineral pigments to produce their paint.